Dewayne Cunningham Ministries Inc.

Our Beliefs


We believe that the Bible is the one and only true word of God, that Jesus Christ is God’s son born of a virgin and savior to all who believe.


That the Early Church had no better salvation than believers today.


That the baptism of the Holy Spirit was no more real in Bible days than it should be in peoples lives today.


The righteousness of Christ was no more real in the early believer than in believers today.


Sanctification was no more cleansing in Paul’s day than it is now.


The gifts of the Spirit were no more real in the lives of the apostles than they should be in the lives of believers today.


That the early churches knowledge of the message of salvation and their ministry to the sick and suffering was no more real then, than it should be today.

Our Mission


To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our cities, nation, and the world. To build and refresh the Body of Christ that the Church might once again walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.